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There are many “Security Companies”, but we at Steel Rain are not one of them. 

We are "Security Specialists" focusing on the needs of our clients and mitigating their various risks.  Our expertise is not only unique, but one of the most innovative services of its kind in the industry. 

Steel Rain is a Risk Management Group based in Los Angeles, CA. Founded in 2016, Steel Rain’s goal is to provide top quality risk management services, advisory services, security consultations, security training, logistical support, and developing security strategies for the most effective protection plan for all of our clients.

The company services various sectors in addition to the security industry itself including business corporations, financial entities, political professionals, dignitaries, celebrities, and high-net worth individuals. Through continued training programs and education offered by the company, we are confident that our clients will be well equipped to handle any security challenge they may endure.



Semper Paratus - Always Ready 

Steel Rain Risk Management and their affiliated partners are fully licensed security professionals who have specialized training in various specialties from First Aid/CPR, Active Shooter Response Procedures, Verbal De-Escalation, Defensive Tactics, Dignitary Protection,

Security Strategists, and more.


Our company culture is based on growth and education giving each specialist the skills they need to be successful in the private security industry.


We also do our best to assist security professionals who use private security as a stepping stone for a career in Law Enforcement and the U.S. Armed Forces knowing they will be well equipped with the vast knowledge obtained not only with their experience here at Steel Rain Risk Management, but the mentorship we provide to insure the quality of each and every security specialist that is a part of our company.


Steel Rain Risk Management and their Partners have security experts from all over the world that offer a vast amount of knowledge to mitigate the risks of each client and their needs. Some of the services we offer but are not limited to are:

- Risk Management & Analysis
- Threat Assessments
- Advanced Site Assessments
- Protective Security Advance Work
- Security & Crisis Management
- Strategic Security Planning & Development


Our specialized team of experts and affiliates offer full fledged services from staffing to logistical support. We pride ourselves in the quality of our well-trained security professionals that are hand selected for your specific security needs.

- Logistical Support, Coordination, & Management
- Security Team Recruitment & Selection
- Close Protection Experts for Direct Hiring & Staffing Needs
- Security Team Leaders to Manage Security Plans


Our corporate security professionals are primarily made up of former military or law enforcement officers and certified specialists for risk management consultation and protection services, per the clients request. Our services include:

  • Site Security for Office Buildings

  • Workplace Violence/ Hostile Termination teams

  • Labor Strike Teams

  • Religious Gatherings and Organizations

  • Advanced Site Assesments

  • Security Advicsory Services


Steel Rain has a specialized team trained in Executive Protection and Logistical planning that allows us to assist high profile VIP clients. We facilitate security, by use of our affliliates and partners. We also offer security consultation services to all of our clients. These services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Security Drivers

  • Concierge Services

  • Estate Protection

  • Security Escorts


Each team will have received specialized training to cater to the specific needs for each client we service to receive maximum customer satisfaction.


You have enough to deal with, leave the RISK to us!

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